Why We All Should Be Watching C4's Secret Life Of 4-Year-Olds


Channel 4 produce a lot of top notch television, but one of my absolute favourites is the Secret Life series. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please watch the trailer below.

The Secret Life Of 4-Year-Olds is part of a series where they not only look at 4-year-olds but 5-year-olds and 6-year-olds too (changing the name of the series as they progress.) each episode focuses on a different aspect of being a child of that particular age, looking at both developmental and psychological milestones. They accomplish this by using the fly on the wall technique in a purpose built play centre.

There are two ways you can watch this show. For most, as it is for my sister, its time spent affectionately giggling at the funny things children get up to. For others, such as myself, its s fun exploration on what makes children tick. Ultimately children think very differently to us, not only because they are younger, but because they are also wired differently. Therefore it gives a really exciting (for me at least) insight into children. 

But I believe this show is far more important than that. I often hear parents - and often get approached by parents - saying they don't understand why their children act a certain way, or why they act out at certain things. Usually, this is because the parent expects their child to be a little adult. If they just learn and understand the adult reasoning and rationale, then they would stop acting a certain way. However, as I say, Children are programmed differently to adults, every year not so they get reprogrammed like when you upgrade your operating system on your computer. 

The Secret Life series shows this playing out, I believe the more people watch this show having the children in their lives in mind as they do so, I personally believe we would get far fewer adults getting frustrated at kids.